Apple Event 9/7/16

Happy Apple News Day!!

Yesterday Apple had their event in San Francisco to share with us some updates on some of our favorite products. The event started with a mini Carpool Karaoke with James Corden and Tim Cook while Corden was driving Cook to the event. Once there, Tim Cook wasted no time in getting started by jumping into all the fun updates:

Apple Music
– Carpool Karaoke will stream new episodes on Apple Music next year
– New interface to make it easier to navigate
– Apple Music Festival will take place in London on September 10th .  It’s the 10th anniversary show with special guests such as Elton John, Britney, Calvin Harris, etc.  The event can be live streamed from all Apple devices.

App Store
– 140 billion total apps downloaded from the Store (wow, that is a lot of apps!)
– Super Mario is coming to the app store!! The game is called Super Mario Run. The new  game looks exactly like the old school games so it’s familiar and easy to jump right into. Also, major props to the guy sampling the game wearing a shirt that read “Mushroom Kingdom”! I need that shirt.
– We are also getting fun animated Super Mario stickers for iMessage 😀 My new “goodbye” messages will now include Mario or Luigi jumping into a green pipe, so fingers crossed that is one of them 😉

– ConnectEd – a national initiative between government and tech companies to get technology to schools
– 114 schools to be up and running this fall. Apple is also donating iPads to more than 50k students, installing Apple TV in classrooms, etc.
– Allows students to engage in a more innovative way and makes learning more fun
– “Everyone can code” – a program to teach kids how to code using Swift which is Apple’s programming language.  Apple building the future army of great programmers 🙂
– iWork – an office style suite for iOS/Mac, now with real-time collaboration for the whole suite. These are the Pages, Keynote, etc apps.

Apple Watch
– Apple Watch is now 2nd watch brand in the world right under Rolex. (Kind of a big deal, honestly.)
– WatchOS 3 – New Dock for easier app access, new watch faces. Messaging has features double tap quick replies, animated stickers, and full screen effects like confetti. Scribble lets you write a custom reply (including simplified & traditional Chinese too!).
– Breathe – new app that reminds you each day to take a moment and take a breathing exercise to manage stress.
– SOS – new feature that lets you contact your emergency contact by pressing the button on the side of the watch.  It also shares your location for your safety.
– POKEMON GO is coming to Apple Watch!  The Watch will display how long you have  to walk to hatch an egg, what your HP is, calories burned, which Pokemon is nearby etc.  It notifies you when a Pokemon appears and when you approach a Pokestop and can collect from the Pokestop here, too. (The guy sampling the game for us also hatched a Pikachu from an egg, which I’m pretty sure never happens *is not bitter*)
– Apple Watch is now water resistant up to 50 meters which is AWESOME because of all the entry points. They have covered all the entry points minus the speaker.  The speaker will now eject any water left in its space.
– The fitness stats now include swimming – will help with your swim workout – pool swim & open water swim – lap count, distance, calorie burn, stats over time.
– Dual core processor, faster GPU, sweeter graphics, brighter display (brightest Apple display, built-in GPS (This is huge!)
– Viewranger – new hiking app that uses the GPS to provide trails, current location, interesting information about your location and lets you know when you’ve strayed from your path.
– The watch’s finish comes in ceramic (sexy). Nike Plus model made of lightweight aluminum perfect for runners.
– $369 both regular and Nike Plus. Pre-order on September 9th. Nike Plus is available late October, regular watch the week after 9/9. WatchOS 3 available on September 13.
– The older Apple Watch is also getting the same processor and now starts at $269.

iPhone 7
– iOS 10 – which I previewed for you recently. 😉
– Homekit app lets you control devices around your house right from your house.  From garage doors to lights. Major manufacturers already support Homekit and hundreds more products to come.
– iMessage has new bubble effects and full screen effects and stickers and a mini app store for iMessage.
– Water and dust resistant!!!
– New camera system- optical image stabilization for shaky hands. Wider lens to allow more light. 12MP sensor. The flash now has 4 LEDs so it reaches further. (Seriously the sample pics they showed were gorgeous and I need it.)
– Front facing camera is now 7 MP (so so cool) and also has some stabilization features for better selfies 😉
– iPhone 7 Plus will have TWO rear 12MP cameras.  One has the wide angle lens, the other is a telephoto lens.  (DSLR, people.  Like the fancy larger cameras.  Only now it’s in your pocket 😀 ) Digital zoom up to 10x.  Free software update for all iPhone 7 Plus users later this year.
– Brighter display, more colors, just prettier.
– Pressure sensitive home button.
– Now the phone comes with stereo speakers, one on top and one on bottom with twice the volume which will sound awesome in landscape mode.
– The much talked-about ear pods – they will now connect via Lightning.  No more audio jack. JBL has new workout headphones that connect via Lightning.
– Lightning to aux adapter – comes in the box with your phone so you can still use your existing headphones.
– The also much talked-about wireless ear pods, called Air Pods.  They know when they’re in your ear and have the ability for you to talk to Siri with a tap.  They have microphones at the end of the pod.  5 hours of listening on one charge and a compact charging dock.  iCloud lets you set up the pods across all your devices – one step set up to connect.  Beats has new headphones that use the same technology.
– Apple Pay – now coming to Japan in October.
– A new processor allows for some console type gaming that looks GORGEOUS on the iPhone’s screen.
– The battery hours stats they showed looked impressive, too. Allegedly it lasts 2 hours more than the iPhone 6s and 1 hour more than 6S Plus.
– iPhone 7 starts at $649 (same as iPhone 6S) and comes in 32gb, 128gb AND 256gb!!
iPhone 7 Plus starts at $769 (same as Pphone 6s Plus) and comes in the same 32, 128 and 256.
– iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are increasing their storage to 32 and 128gb.
– iPhone 7 and 7 plus pre-orders are this Friday September 9 and ship one week later on Sept 16. iOS 10 is available on September 13. Air Pods will ship in late October and cost $159.

My upgrade with AT&T is not until October so I have to wait to get my