Apple iOS 10 Details and Features

Apple dropped a beta for iOS 10 on Monday, and it is going to be a sweet new package.

The new release will come with some really squee-worthy new features, the most anticipated probably being the ability to delete built-in apps. That’s right guys, we will be able to delete built-in apps.  This is NOT a drill.  Goodbye forever, Tips app!! *evil laugh*

We are also getting an enhanced lockscreen that will let you perform tasks like answer emails, look at text messages and edit your calendar all without leaving your lockscreen.


Siri is getting more functionality so you will be able to control more apps with your voice, the Photos app is getting smarter using facial recognition on pictures in the camera roll so you can create folders by person, and text messages are getting extra fun. You’ll be able to do fun things like send messages that are blurred until you swipe your finger over it, secret agent style.

Now, this wouldn’t be a proper update without new emojis.  Apple is going to be releasing over 100 new and redesigned emojis. The emojis all have more detail and depth to them, looking a lot less flat.  Sports & profession emojis will now have more gender diversity with a male and female option (including a boy & girl Sherlock!!).  There is finally a gay pride flag available, and the gun emoji has been replaced by a toy squirt gun.


iOS 10 will be available to download in the fall.

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