The Gilmore Girls Revival Trailer is Finally Here!!

Everyone’s favorites from Stars Hollow are coming back to our screens soon with the Netflix revival Gilmore Girls: A Day In the Life (queue frantic fangirl squealing) and the excitement is real among fans.

After what feels like ages waiting for details on what the revival would be like, we finally have a trailer AND a release date of November 25th.

The trailer puts you right back into the world of Stars Hollow and the Gilmore Girls by showing you Luke’s Diner, the Dragonfly Inn, Doosie’s Market, the town square, Lorelai’s house gorgeously done up with lights…and then we get a short scene with Lorelai and Rory.  The scene is nothing short of perfection with the rapid-fire talks, the coffee and Pop Tarts on the table, the sarcasm. It’s delicious. It’s like the show never ended.

Lorelai muses about Amy Schumer and John Oliver loving her and wanting to hang out with her.  Well, Amy Schumer and John Oliver both expressed their love for Lorelai, because everything about this revival is nothing short of perfection.

Amy Schumer


See the trailer below and leave a comment! What do you think about the trailer? What are you hoping /most excited to see?